Cymbal Kit Video’s

Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack

Guitar Center’s Product Spotlight provides a comprehensive overview of the Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack. The Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack includes a 20″ Medium Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ Hi-hats. A Custom cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a striking, brilliant finish for crisp, sweet and sophisticated sound. As an added value, this pack also includes a free 18″ A Custom Crash.

How to INSTANTLY Make ANY Pair of HiHats Sound Better

Any pair of hihats can instantly sound 10x better if you employ the right techniques. This discussion starts with making sure the stand is adjusted properly, but this has even more to do with how the drummer is striking the cymbals. We can take this a step further and say that the drummer’s MINDSET further determines the quality of sound and music coming from the hihats. Today we talk about how we can take our hihat playing to the “next level,” regardless of what cymbals we have or even what kind of stand we have. With the right approach, we can tremendously improve our hihat musicality. We can take a robotic, boring hihat sound and make it into something extremely expressive, full of feel and depth.

Terry Bozzio’s All Cymbal Drum Set

Cheap vs Expensive Cymbals

This is a comparison video between my inexpensive Wuhan crashes and my more expensive Sabian crashes.

Zildjian S Family Cymbals – Performer Cymbal Set

An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company. S Zildjian is an expressive family of cymbals with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression.

Drum Set Basics : Different Cymbal Sounds of a Drum Set

Three main cymbal types exist, including the crash cymbal and broad cymbal, and each makes a different sound. Learn more from our expert drummer and instructor in this free drum set video music lesson.

Best Budget Cymbal Packs

With the seemingly infinite variety of cymbals on the market, finding the right set of cymbals can be an overwhelming task for the new drummer. Luckily, most cymbal manufacturers offer pre-packaged cymbal sets that offer everything one needs to get started. The cymbals found in these pre-packaged sets are designed to work well with each other, giving any drummer the consistent and clear sound they desire. Every drummer should have a solid cymbal set, so we found the Best 5 Budget Cymbal Packs on the market. Cymbal packs with as little as 2 cymbals exist, but we want to make sure that everyone has at least the basics, so we’re focusing only on packages that include a hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal.

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