Drum Solo Video’s

Benny Greb Drum Solo – Drumeo

This is one solo you just gotta keep coming back to. Taken from his live lesson on “The Art & Science of Groove”, this drum solo is 8 minutes of Benny Greb demonstrating his deep understanding of timing and groove – and telling a great story in the meantime.

Amazing Drum Solo In The Street

A young lad named Baard Kolstad takes his drums and a phenomenal solo to the streets for some busking. A good size crowd gathers to watch his performance.

School Talent Show Drum Duet

The Craziest Drum Solo Ever!

Neil Peart Drum Solo – Rush Live in Frankfurt

Insane Amateur Drum Solo

Drummer by the name of Ben Harris giving an amazing drum solo to a small crowd inside a music store.

Travis Barker – Drum Solo & Warm Up

Cool video of Travis Barker warming up in the studio and then giving us a nice drum solo.

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