Snare Drum Kit Video’s

Tuning Your Snare Drum – Drum Lesson (DRUMEO)

How To Get A Fat Snare Sound – Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

Planning to play a ballad or maybe some disco beats? You’re going to want a deep snare sound, and luckily Jimmy Rainsford is here to provide you with a simple trick to getting a low end, fat sound on demand. No specific drum heads required!

How to Set up a Drum Kit : How to Position Snare Drum in Drum Set

Expert advice for arranging your drum set. Learn tips for snare positioning and snare height in this free video of drumming tips on how to set up a drum kit.

How to make your drum kit snare sound (90%) like a marching snare

Multiple Snare Concepts

33 years ago when Dan added a second snare drum to his kit, everyone thought he was nuts — Then he added a third snare drum, four years later! Now, since the last few years, it is practically the norm to have a couple snares set up with a drum kit. In this video, Dan explains and demonstrates some applications of Multiple Snare Concepts on 4 Phoenix Drum Company Snare Drums, which are all different from each other. Take a peek and see if you get any ideas of how Multiple Snare Concepts may work for you!

All snares drum kit

A whacky kit I made of mostly snares. Whacky.

How It’s Made Metal Snare Drums

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